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Read the auction guidelines and terms of service.


Bid in the designated bidding area.


If you win, email me the requested info.


Bid – Your money offer.

Starting Bid (SB) – The first and lowest bid.

Minimum Bid (MB) – The minimum amount of money that you need to add to the previous bid to beat it.

Autobuy (AB) – The price that you need to pay to be sure to get the adoptable and outbid everyone automatically.


Start and end dates of auctions are announced via my newsletter first and later on social media.

Final render types, SB, MI, and AB vary from auction to auction.

Shady bidders will be voided at my discretion.

I will announce the winner on social media, and the winner must then get in touch with me via email with their invoicing information and, if applicable, their character reference(s) within 24 hours. After receiving the invoice, payment must be made within another 24 hours.

If any deadlines are overstepped or any terms associated with the auction or the terms of service are violated, I will yield the slot to the second-highest bidder.

Your Character Here (YCH)

  • A YCH auction is a type of auction for which I draw a sketch, and bidders then bid on it to have their character drawn befitting said pre-drawn sketch.
  • Your character must generally fit into the proportions of the sketch, i.e., the silhouettes of the sketch and your character cannot be vastly different.
  • I can adapt facial expressions, genders, snouts, ears, feet, tails, body types (as long as they don’t alter the silhouette too much), boob/dick sizes, and other small details.
  • Crazy tails, paws, wings, etc. may be obscured due to the pose.
  • The sketch portrays the clothes and the background, or lack thereof, that will be used for the final render, respectively.


  • Adoptables are pre-designed characters that I create and make available for purchase.
  • I can make slight changes to the design and create a reference sheet for an additional fee upon request respectively.

Terms of Service

Please read the terms of service before bidding.


You can find all of my ongoing and future auctions here.